University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Theology

The Faculty of Theology is part of the University of Ljubljana, which is the oldest and largest higher education and research institution in Slovenia with more than 40.000 students.

Osmangazi District Directorate of National Education

Osmangazi District Directorate of National Education is a public organization that falls under the purview of the Ministry of National Education. Established on August 15, 1988, our Directorate serves as the official educational authority responsible for overseeing, assessing, and enhancing all official and private education institutions in Osmangazi. As the largest district in the center of Bursa with a population of one million, we supervise 233 official educational institutions, 11,454 teachers, and 179.229 students.

Şűkrű Şankaya Anadolu Lisesi

Şükrü Şankaya Anadolu Lisesi (ŞŞAL) is one of the most prominent high schools located in Osmangazi, Bursa. It provides a modern and quality education to about 900 students between the age range of 14-18 in a green campus which is away from stressful life in the city. ŞŞAL strongly supports its students in the fields of culture, science, arts and sports and with its active clubs, teams, projects and partnerships.

Daugavpils Zinātņu vidusskola

Daugavpils Zinātņu vidusskola is a state institution founded by Daugavpils Municipality, situated in town Daugavpils, region Latgale in the south – east of Latvia. It employs 156 teachers and provides education to 1750 students.The school focuses on innovation in education and applying competences and transversal skills into the educational process in order to educate young people for smooth integration into society and to prepare them for the demands of the modern labor market.

Asociacion cultural y medioambiental permacultura Cantabria

The Cultural and Environmental Association Permacultura Cantabria¨ develops its main activity in the Pasiegan Valleys (Cantabria, northern Spain). Like other rural areas of the country, Cantabria is characterized by an aging and declining population, high rates of unemployment and scarce opportunities for the social participation or learning of its inhabitants.

In this beautiful setting, more than 15 years ago, a group of professionals began to meet and organize activities in their community. Their goals were to investigate alternatives to achieve a sustainable culture, to take care of each other and to enjoy what they did. https://www.permaculturacantabria/

International Balkan University

International Balkan University (IBU) is a foundation University at Skopje, North Macedonia, established in 2006. At the moment it includes 9 faculties with over 40 graduate and postgraduate study programs including over 200 staff. For more information, please visit the website: 

Instituto di Instruzione superiore Leonardo

The high school Istituto di Istruzione Superiore “Leonardo”, opened on 1st September 2021 after the high school Liceo Statale “Leonardo”, founded in 1962 and offering scientific academic studies, merged with the high school “Mazzei-Sabin”, offering agricultural vocational studies. This new institute aims to train and educate each student in order to be a responsible citizen, active in society, able to know and interact with the surrounding reality through a solid cultural education.

Urban Research and Education UG

Urban Research and Education UG (haftungsbeschrändkt) is a young SME based in Berlin, Germany, with a strong focus on European projects. The experience of URE comes from the background of its founders and members, who are university-based researchers, schoolteachers, and engineers. Their strength is in the following areas: urban planning and management, physical and social factors of urban and regional planning related to different national and international research projects, as well as governance and policymaking.