Human Development

Choose which video had the biggest impact on you. MINIMALISM: Netflix Documentary (Official TrailerSteve Cutts’ animated short Happiness (The story of a rodent’s relentless pursuit of happiness and fulfillment) 2. Summarize the film using the sentence principles below. a) The video tells the story of…. b) The rats represent… c) The video begins with…. d) To be happy, the rats… e) The rat’s happiness does not last forever because…. f) Finally,… Discussion: Is it hard to get out of the rat race today?

Nature or format of the activity: Analysis and reflection on video.

Methodology and approach:

1. Video selection: Two videos are provided for students’ viewing and comparison: the trailer for the Netflix documentary “Minimalism” and the animated short film “Happiness” by Steve Cutts.

2. Engagement:Students are encouraged to watch both videos carefully, taking into account their content, themes, and visual presentation.

3. Impact assessment: After watching both videos, students reflect on which one has had the most personal impact on them.

4. Discussion points: Students discuss their observations and views on each video, focusing on themes, messages and emotional resonance.

5. Summarizing Activity: Students summarize the animated short film “Happiness” using the sentence principles provided. This activity reinforces understanding and encourages students to articulate the key points of the film.

6. Critical Thinking: Students reflect on the themes of the film, such as the pursuit of happiness, consumerism, and the rat race mentality. They analyze how these themes are portrayed and their relevance to contemporary society.

7. Reflection questions: Students consider the difficulty of escaping the rat race in modern society, making connections between the film narrative and real-life experiences.

8. Personal Reflection: Students are asked to reflect on their own perspectives and experiences related to consumerism, happiness and the pursuit of fulfillment.

9. Debate: The class can engage in a debate or discussion about the merits of minimalism and the consequences of consumerist culture, based on the ideas in the videos and their own observations.

10. Conclusion: The activity concludes with a synthesis of the students’ reflections and views, emphasizing the importance of critical thinking and conscious consumption in contemporary society.