Human Development

Step 1: Making a decision about medical tourism
You are either a “Patient” or a “Travel Agent.” Please read your role carefully and be prepared to discuss your perspective during the role-play scenario.

Patient and travel agent pairs will discuss the patient’s concerns and the travel agent’s arguments in favor of medical tourism.
Engage in a conversation to answer the patient’s questions and concerns.
Try to make a decision together: Will the patient opt for medical tourism or choose to stay at home for treatment?
Be prepared to share your decision with the class and state the reasons for your choice.

After the Role-Play:
Lead a class discussion in which each pair shares their decision and the reasons for their decision. Encourage students to express their opinions and reflect on the factors that influenced their choice. This discussion will help reinforce the language skills practiced during the role-play and encourage critical thinking.

Scenario 2: The Medical Tourism Dilemma
You are members of a discussion group charged with debating a dilemma related to medical tourism. Read your paper carefully and be prepared to discuss your perspective in English.

In your groups, discuss the pros and cons of Patient A and Patient B seeking treatment abroad.
Also consider the perspectives of the physician and the administrator.