Human Development

Role-playing game: You have worked hard for years and have become a doctor. You are very good at your job. However, because your patients have financial problems, you decide to work in a public hospital, even though private hospitals pay a lot of money. You argue that everyone has the right to be treated equally, whether they can afford it or not. However, one day you find out that your father is very sick, he ate healthy all his life, but he had hepatitis B disease, which he did not realize for years, and his liver was exhausted. In your country there is no suitable donor for your father, but you think that abroad there are hospitals that do this work at very affordable prices. Roles: Ethical doctor, (son) Father: who wants to be treated His brother: who wants his father to be treated Mother: who wants her husband to be treated Another close medical friend: who supports him Another medical friend: who supports his family’s opinion.