Human Development

Would you rather? is a good icebreaker for large or small groups and is most effective in 10-40 minute sessions. Small groups could use this activity more as a discussion, while larger groups could state the reasons for choosing one or the other. The goal of the icebreaker activity is to have initial conversations throughout the group and for participants to discover things they have in common that might not otherwise be obvious.

How to play

  1. Make your list of questions.
  2. Gather the group together and explain the rules you have chosen. Designate one side of the room “Option A” and the other “Option B”.
  3. Formulate each question and ask participants to move to one side of the room or the other, depending on which option they “prefer”.
  4. Have each side explain the reasoning behind their decision. In a more formal game or in a larger group, you can give each side a few moments to confer as a group and present the top three reasons for their choice. In a less formal game or in a smaller group, each person could state the main reason for his or her choice.
  5. After each group has given its opinion, have everyone return to the center for the next question.
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5.