Human Development

All you need for this activity is a copy of the free heart template and different colored pieces of paper.

  • Print a copy of the heart template on the different colored papers, one for each student in your class.
  • Write the following on the board: “Before you speak, think and be smart. It’s hard to fix a wrinkled heart.”
  • Ask students to share what they think the saying means.
  • Direct each student to create a small ball with their heart template and ask them to smooth it out.
  • Explain how this relates to the mean words we sometimes say to each other: just like the wrinkles they can’t remove from the heart, they won’t be able to remove those words.
    For lower grades, this anti-bullying activity can be done in conjunction with the book Chrysanthemum, written by Kevin Henkes. Chrysanthemum is a thought-provoking story about a girl who loves her name and has all the confidence in the world until she starts school and encounters bullies.
    Crumpled Heart Primary 1 Activity
  • Give each student a printed paper heart.
  • Read the book aloud or watch Chrysanthemum on YouTube.
  • Encourage your students to listen carefully.
  • When the characters in the story use swear words, encourage your students to crumple their paper hearts.
  • Each time Chrysanthemum’s parents use kind words, encourage your students to try to smooth out their paper hearts.
  • Discuss in class the irreversible damage that harmful words and bullying can cause.
    Anti-bullying homework
  • Whoever has a birthday between January and July, stand up and stay standing.
  • Put your hands on your head.
  • How would you feel if you were asked to stand for the entire class?
  • This is how people who are bullied feel, even if they don’t show it.